Indiaclen Severe Pneumonia Oral Therapy (ISPOT) for Government Medical College

Childhood pneumonia has been recognized as a global public health problem for many years. Parallels drawn between pneumonia and ‘the Cinderella of Communicable Diseases’(1) and ‘the Forgotten Killer of Children,’(2) have been successful in bringing this problem to the center stage and promoting the advocacy for pneumonia as a public health priority in developing areas. The global Acute Respiratory Infection (ARI) Control Program was initiated by the World Health Organization (WHO) in late 1980s to urgently respond to the alarming under-five pneumonia mortality, which accounts for 19 percent of all under five deaths - more than any other illness(2). control programs were soon initiated across the globe. Case classification and clinical management guidelines including choice of antimicrobial agents promoted by the WHO ARI Control Program were simple, based on available evidence and primarily focused on delivery of services through primary care and community health workers.


The Challenges

As the control program was implemented, realities on the ground posed significant barriers to reaching the most vulnerable children. There were no data, no feedbac, no procedural guidelines. These challenges included training health workers to recognize the signs of severe pneumonia such as counting respiratory rate and identifying chest indrawing. Challenges faced in implementing the new clinical guidelines pertained to choice of antibiotics, management of wheezing and symptoms requiring referral.

A system was need to do more research and stronger evidence were needed to justify continuation for Severe Pneumonia Oral Therapy. The result and effect was medicines on children were not known properly.



The Solution

Experts Logic team analyzed the whole situation. After discussions with the Indiaclen authorities we brainstormed the requirement and developed a Software to suffice the requirement. This project was code named as ISPOT "Indiaclen Severe Pneumonia Oral Therapy"  for Government Medical College

ISPOT is a software for Government Medical College, Nagpur, India. It is used by Survey and Research team in Child care division for Penumonia studes to assess the efficacy of a 7 day course of oral amoxycillian when administered at home or hospital in comparison to administration of oral amoxycillin for first 48 hours in the hosplital in severe Pneumonia. Various kind of discrepancies and Audits while data entry are handled with the help of ISPOT application.

Few of the Application screen shot are presented below (click on images to zoom):