Logrithmic Graph Plotter

Our Client Hi-Tech Resitors are manufacturer of Resistors. They are into this industry since 1986. They specialized in manufacturing of wire woud resisters basic technology acquired through Samsung Co. Ltd.


The Challenges

After manufacturing they need to test these resistors and submit Quality Testing reports. The Quality testing involves testing the performace of Resistors which is monitored through various graphical analysis. In Resistor testing normal graphs are not usable, they need special Lograthimic Graphs. These Graphs have exponentialy increasing values between each block on x and y axis both. eg: 1^10 or 1^100 values. 

Hi Tech Resistors quality analysis team use to plot all these graph manually on log graph paper. It was very difficult to calculate and compare values manually. There were errors and too time consuming. Also, they required to Scan and then send copies to respective department and clients for performance testing and specifications. To scan each paper after plotting was a very tedius job.



The Solution

Experts Logic designed and developed a desktop based application to help them ease their job. Now their Testing and Quality analysis department use our custom build software and generate Log Graphs directly on screen. It has a printing,  conversion to PDF and directly emailing facility. The Log Graphs are send directly from on-screen to respective departments and clients.


Few of the Application screen shot are presented below (click on images to zoom):