Order Processor

There are many small stores which sell their items through Amazon.com website. These people have to list their product with amazon and when anybody pays and buys their listed product online through amazon website, the store is required to ship the items to customers (purchaser's) destination.


The Challenges

Our client had fast selling consumerable items listed on Amazon.com. At the end of day they use to download all text data from Amazon, read and process it manually, segragate all items, count no. of items to be shipped and prepare a list. All this process was Manual. They had to list down the items, shipping details manually. Prepare Packing slip and shippling slip and then ship each items seperately.


This whole process use to take huge amount of time. For a day's shippings, they use to spend full another day to process and ship the items to correct destinations.


The Solution

Experts Logic design a desktop based solution to resolve this problem. Our application reads the text file generated by Amazon Stores. It processes the items from text raw data and calcuates price, weight and shipment details. Based on the data from raw file it creates packing and packaging slips automatically which is directly attached to shipping box and despatched by the shop owner.

We have recieved the feedback from our client and they said " This software does their full day work in just one hour".

Few of the Application screen shot are presented below (click on images to zoom):