Patient Treatment Analysis

Government Medical College and hospital, Nagpur is a premier instituate of Central India. The College was established in 1947 AD and was inaugrated by the first President of India Dr. Rajendra Prasad. The Hospital is stretched over an area of 196 acres. The hospital attached to this instiution has 1401 beds with updated facilities. Besides Medical College and Hospital and Superspeciality Hospital, the campus incorporates dental college, Physiotherapy, Occupatinal therapy and Nursing schools.


The Challenges

The patient flow is enormous in this hospital. It was very difficult to manag patients, keep track of inflow and outflow of Indoor patient department (IPD) and outdoor patient department (OPD). There needed a system to also check the flow of cash coming into the hospital. Since there are mulitple dipartment there needed a system which should issue a treatment slip to patients of various departments and keep track of their treatment history.



There are various charges depending on the department and laboratory eg: X-Ray, Ultra-sound dept, blood and urine test dept. etc. All these department has ample of patients daily which required to be tracked, form a history of records and analyse department wise treatment and cash analysis.


The Solution

Experts Logic Team designed an application which helps them to manage their day to day patients and treatment history. Records of their Diagnosis and medication by specific doctors along with reports and various analysis is important for the authorities. Patient’s full treatment is recorded with medication, department, change of doctor history.


Few of the Application screen shot are presented below (click on images to zoom):