Experts CRM
Custmer Relationship Management!

A good CRM system can provide significant benefits to organizations!

All data on customer interactions is central. The customer service department can benefit greatly from this, because they have all the information needed at fingertips. No guesswork, no need to ask the customer for nth time. Read more ...
As companies realize that customer relationships are happening on many levels (not just through customer service or a web presence), they start to understand the need for sharing all available data throughout the organization. A CRM system is an enabler for making informed decisions and follow-up, on all different levels. CRM is more than just the next wave of computer-aided marketing, it's a way of doing business.
  School Software
Experts School!

Web Based School Management System - ERP.

Experts School is a complete web based School Management Software system that requires only a browser and pdf reader to use. It has a wide range of features suitable for many Schools, Colleges, Educational Institutes. Read more ...
School Management System Our School software Comprises of following modules which makes the management of the institution very efficient and effortless. This School software integrates and streamlines the important Functions of school such as admission, students records, staff records, fee collection, attendance, Timetable, Accounting, Inventory and maintains information about all these with extremely easy and efficient User Interface.
Digital Signage Solution
Experts DSS!

We offer multi-point Scheduler Control Digital Signage Solution.

Experts Logic digital signage software applications are for dynamic digital signage, advertising displays, menu e-cards, media players, restricted, Digital out of home (DOOH), bulletin boards and electronic signage projects. Read more...

Digital Signage are used in retail, banks, malls, hotels, lifts, call centers, parking lots, car dealer offices, airports, businesses, colleges and universities, casinos, restaurants, convention centers, government, veneus public cinemas. This soution is ideal for system integrators, digital signage operators, networks and display advertising signage hosting companies

Hotel Management System!

We have built on the room arrangement on the screen easy as the real positions of the rooms in a hotel!

All rooms are displayed on the screen with room color-coded status. In a shot of Personnel Management and the reception you can view the status of the vacant room.Read more ...
ReceptionDesk has been intelligently designed with plenty of features to actual users of different background to make things simple and easy. With the help of this management software can see the daily activities going on in their hotels and will help management and staff to enhance their structure both hospitality and keep customers happy. We provide the tools to maintain a safe environment for your financial information and sensitive information from your host.
Multi Point Digital Signage

Experts Logic's Digital Signage solution is a multi-screen, multi-display, multi-zone, fully scheduled digital signage solution controlled from a centrally managed web interface. In general sense, digital signage is an electronically controlled signs that can be updated without any cost and expense of changing the physical sign itself. Digital signage is a form of an advertising in which content and messages displayed on an electronic screen, or digital sign, can be changed without modification to the physical sign, typically with a goal of delivering targeted messages to specific locations at specific times. Most important is every individual location at every different interval of time can dislay different information.

To create an impactful impression of a brand, product or service when a  customer is at any store front, it is Very often, customer only looks at those things that interests them or attracts them. Still object is only attractive if it is strategically positioned and attributed with attractive value.

On the contrary, Multimedia presentation, provides audio and visual experience to guide customer’s thinking according to a prepared plan. Digital Signage Solution is the latest in multimedia presentation for targeted audience.


Display Changes can be made with a quick and cost effectively, and targeted messages can be distributed to hundreds of displays at once. Digital signage displays can take the form of scrolling message boards, plasma monitors, and large projection screens, as well as LCD or LEDs.


Benefits of digital signage

  • Multimedia experience with audio and visual feed
  • Speedy changes to the content in sync with latest promotion
  • 24/7 publicity
    Centrally monitor and manage content from HQ via WAN
  • Aesthetic design to blend with your store layout and concept


Experts Logic Digital Signage concept is explained with the help of below image (click on the image to zoom):



Who should use this?

Digital Signage


Arrival and Departure information boards
Time Tables
Emergency Information
Advertisement (consumer goods, travels)
Restaurant/Shop promotions
Facility and Floor Map and directory


Sales Promotion
Product Promotion
Seasonal Promotion
Specials for the day
Advertisement (alterative to TV Commercials)
Digital Menu Boards
Upcoming Events
Recipes/health channel to educate customers


General notice
Exhibition displays
Production Performance Display
Quality Control Statistics
Assembly-line Training

Health Care

Waiting room environments 

Entertainment and informative updates
Replace hospital sign and directory boards
Emergency announcements

information to high traffic areas
Important updates to high traffic areas
Announcements / update to Staff



Emergency Information
Weather Forecasts / News
Official Announcements
Security camera video
Command Center Information boards


Market Quotations
Merger/Acquisition Updates
Interest/Bond Rates
Financial product promotion
Queue control
Financial Tips


Movie trailers
Food and Drink Menu and Promotion
Theater/Cinema Complex Promotion
Floor Guide
Attraction information


Campus notices
Welcome screens
Facility information
Classroom/lecture schedules
Announcement of last minute changes


Directory Boards
Event Information
Venue Locations
Welcoming of VIPs
Special Announcements
Promotion of Facilities
Promotion of In-House Services