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Experts School is a full fledged School Management Software. Our School software Comprises of following modules which makes the management of the institution very efficient and effortless. This School software integrates and streamlines the important Functions of school such as admission, students records, staff records, fee collection, attendance, Timetable, Accounting, Inventory and maintains information about all these with extremely easy and efficient User Interface. A brief listing with short explanation of each of these features are below:



This module manages the admission process of all students. Its integrated with the Fees and accounts section, this module allows admission and registration easiy and removes complications of mantaining double registers. Old and new students are automatically handled by software based on the provided information

studentsStudent Records

The Student Records Management module helps in effective management of detailed records of each student such as student personal details, Photograph, roll no, Birth Date, previous school information, school leaving information and parent/guardian. The system eliminates duplicate effort on numerous manual processes and paperwork. Students are auto enrolled from existing student level to the next level for next academic year. Information on student viz class, section, academic session will be automatically Updated when generating student Leaving Certificate or relevant Documents.

staffStaff Records

Staff Records Management module allows user to store staff details such as personal details, Date of appointment/confirmation/retirement, PAN, PF A/c No. It generates various reports like List of staff, summary report, Form 16 etc. To ensure consistency in storing of standard data for easy and meaningful viewing, function are provided for user to define standard code and descriptions and information such as staff title, department, qualifiation and positions.


Data from RFID Card reader, Bar Code Reader, Biometric Card Reader etc. are integrated ino Attendance Module. This has different functionalities for Students and Staff. Student’s attendance details act as a tool to identify academic presence of the students. The same can be used to assess the student and give individual attention to the causes of repetitive or long absences. The software can be attached with an SMS Module to send SMS to the parents when their children arrives in School.

othrPaymentsFee Management

Our Fee Management Module is Automated and simple to use. It automatically displays Fees to be paid by a student as per their Class, Bus Route etc. Apart from being automated, it is easy to use, flexible enough to customize different fee payment structre that most of the institutions come across. Fee calculation is done on the basis of Academic Year, Class selected for the student.

Our Software Generates Full Fee Statement which gives clear picture of fees to be paid, previous fee payment details, deductions and fees Waiver(if any) applicable to the selected student. User-defined fee structure and fee applicable is be maintained. Fee Receipt are also generated by the system with just one mouse click. At any point of time user can check collections made and outstanding with single click.

feesOther Payments

This Module records and maintains all other payments like Admission Donation Received, Construction Funds etc. which an Institutions takes only ocassionally or once. This helps them keep track of such payments and also the accounts of such funds.


Expense Module keeps track of various expense (payments made) by the accounts department of an Institution. This module generates and prints Payment Vouchers which are an essential document for Accounting purpose. The Vouchers can be signed and taken approval.

financialaccsFinancial Accounting

The Financial Accounting module enables effective management of Start to End School Accounting. All type of vouchers can be entered from respective module form. All reports like Ledger, Bank/Cash Book, Journal, Trial Balance, Income and Expenditure Account and Balance Sheet are available with single click. FA modules allows comprehensive management of accounts without the need of cumbersome posting of vouchers. Integrated with fee module, Other Payments and Expenses the accounts module automatically manages posting of various vouchers into appropriate accounts heads.

transportBuss / Transport

This module facilitates effective management of a School's Transport system i.e. Buss and Routes. Administration can Define various Routes and map students routewise to help in Bus Fee Collection. Route Master consists of number of students under single route. With a single click user can check Route wise Fee Outstanding and Collection. It displays information of students and whic route is assigned to them.


There are various items used in School viz Stationary, Furnitures, Boards etc. All these Inventory with their Categorization are Maintained in this Module. Appropriate inventory reports for Stock In/Out is available. Administration can have annual stock movement reports and consumption reports of various items in inventory. These kind of records of the inventory imparts a sense of accountability on the in charge/supervisor of use of all such items.

user_accessUser Access Control

Each User created in the system falls under a specific Role. And various roles have various various access depending upon their Responsibilities. For Eg: Accounting Users will have access to Fees and Payment Vouchers. This module is also flexible and an Appointed System Administrator can change User access Level and Roles Defined.

sysadminSystem Administration

Various important Objects of the Systme are controlled by this part of the system called as "Masters". Here System Administrator can enter/update various parameters of Software. Admins can define new parameters, add master records shift academic session year and perform similar important tasks including Backup.


Since the system houses entire relevant student and staff data, various documents such as a student Leaving Certificate, Transfer Certification, Staff IT Form etc is printed just by a click of mouse.


MIS Reports are very important part of any software / systems. It helps Management view and analyze various important issues. Our system has many reports with multiple Filter Criteria to generate reports as per requirements. All Reports are Printable and exportable to EXCEL sheet. All Reports have additional feature of Sorting, Searching, Grouping etc. to help view various details in multiple ways.


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