Experts CRM
Custmer Relationship Management!

A good CRM system can provide significant benefits to organizations!

All data on customer interactions is central. The customer service department can benefit greatly from this, because they have all the information needed at fingertips. No guesswork, no need to ask the customer for nth time. Read more ...
As companies realize that customer relationships are happening on many levels (not just through customer service or a web presence), they start to understand the need for sharing all available data throughout the organization. A CRM system is an enabler for making informed decisions and follow-up, on all different levels. CRM is more than just the next wave of computer-aided marketing, it's a way of doing business.
  School Software
Experts School!

Web Based School Management System - ERP.

Experts School is a complete web based School Management Software system that requires only a browser and pdf reader to use. It has a wide range of features suitable for many Schools, Colleges, Educational Institutes. Read more ...
School Management System Our School software Comprises of following modules which makes the management of the institution very efficient and effortless. This School software integrates and streamlines the important Functions of school such as admission, students records, staff records, fee collection, attendance, Timetable, Accounting, Inventory and maintains information about all these with extremely easy and efficient User Interface.
Digital Signage Solution
Experts DSS!

We offer multi-point Scheduler Control Digital Signage Solution.

Experts Logic digital signage software applications are for dynamic digital signage, advertising displays, menu e-cards, media players, restricted, Digital out of home (DOOH), bulletin boards and electronic signage projects. Read more...

Digital Signage are used in retail, banks, malls, hotels, lifts, call centers, parking lots, car dealer offices, airports, businesses, colleges and universities, casinos, restaurants, convention centers, government, veneus public cinemas. This soution is ideal for system integrators, digital signage operators, networks and display advertising signage hosting companies

Hotel Management System!

We have built on the room arrangement on the screen easy as the real positions of the rooms in a hotel!

All rooms are displayed on the screen with room color-coded status. In a shot of Personnel Management and the reception you can view the status of the vacant room.Read more ...
ReceptionDesk has been intelligently designed with plenty of features to actual users of different background to make things simple and easy. With the help of this management software can see the daily activities going on in their hotels and will help management and staff to enhance their structure both hospitality and keep customers happy. We provide the tools to maintain a safe environment for your financial information and sensitive information from your host.
Exac : Experts Accounts

Exac, Experts Accounts will integrate your purchases, sales, inventory, and accounts in one easy to use program. It does not have to replace or change the way you currently operate your business, rather it is designed to enhance and complement it. With this application all your vital business information is now available at a click of the mouse.



  • Items / Products / Services
  • Quotes
  • Sales
  • Purchase
  • Inventory Management and Tracking
  • Customer Listings and Monitoring
  • Vendor Listings and Tracking
  • Accounting
  • Advance Accounting (with Ledger Reports)
  • Access Control
  • Tools and Setup
  • Employees- HR


Key Features

  • Maintain a database of your suppliers and customers
  • Handle hundreds to thousands of products for sale
  • Allow several users to use the system with varying access level
  • Track purchase history by supplier and by product
  • Track key customer spending habits
  • Easily track items that need to be re-ordered
  • Track your receivables and payables



  • Improved profitability
  • Better business forecasting
  • Improve inventory control
  • Stronger customer relationship
  • Eliminate or reduce supply gaps (out of stock, overstock)
  • Lower inventory to sales ratio
  • Reduced bad stock return
  • Reduced customer receivables
  • Easy to use
  • Access Anywhere


Why Web-Based ?

  • A clear advantage of the web-based ERP solution is that remote users like executives and sales reps can access the company system with any browser, which is much more convenient than going through a laptop configured for Terminal Services. A quick and on-time implementation of the solution can be done on your existing configuration set up
  • As you would have come across more suggestions on ERP, selecting the right one is crucial. The term "Hosted Solution" is rapidly catching up, on account of its own benefits. A web-hosted solution ensures a lower outlay and predictive spread of cost over time. You have a substantial saving in cost (on both the software and hardware, licensing) that can be better invested in your business process
  • Web-based ERP removes your headache from the Investment made towards Time and Cost in the maintenance of the server & other hardware
  • Web-based ERP also removes your worry about the new functions and features (service packs and fixes)
  • When you go in for a web-based ERP, you can start using it from day one (avoids the worry towards implementation time, which has been cited as one major reason for ERP failure)
  • Most of the hosted applications are like off-the-shelf software. The web-based ERP application is available to you anywhere and at anytime from a simple browser